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KPAL is an Icelandic Aerospace Engineering company which specializes in the fields of airframe, interiors and cabin safety.

The KPAL team consists of licensed engineers with broad experience in aviation, manufacturing, lean strategy, project- and quality management.

KPAL provides aircraft owners, operators and aerospace industry related organisations engineering services:

• Design of changes to large and small aircraft in accordance with EASA regulatory framework.
• Consultancy and project management.
• Aircraft delivery and re-delivery services.
• Structural survey and damage mapping.

EASA Design Organisation Approval
KPAL is in the process of obtaining EASA Part 21 J Design Organisation Approval and will provide aircraft operators design services in the field of cabin and airframe.

Structural survey and damage mapping with real time document control

KPAL offers a complete set of solutions to assess and maintain the integrity of structural repair records for any airframe.
By using the combined power of our engineers in depth knowledge and the dedicated structural damage mapping and records keeping program dent & buckle, we enable owners and operators to produce an up to date report of each airframe status at any given time.

This service joins together the user-friendly damage recording software dent & buckle along with real time professional support from a crew of experienced engineers to deliver one of a kind third party solution for all airframe structural issues.

Our services can be used both for “benchmarking” aircraft during import/export and also to provide continuous oversight during the life of the aircraft.
In addition, customers can generate a suite of reports as required to get a comprehensive overview of each aircraft status.

dent & buckle

dent & buckle is an innovative application dedicated for aviation structural damage recording with a 3D user interface. It is designed to replace existing paper based dent & buckle charts and streamline the recording procedures.

Savings and benefits
• Lowers operational cost with significant savings per year
• Provides options for paperless environment
• Provides accurate and real time environment
• Reduces aircraft on ground (AOG) risk
• Reduces labour cost
• Integrates with existing airline MRO systems
• Accomplish the damage assessment on site with the SRM
• 3D airliner model – for easy recording of all external damage related information

KPAL is one of dent & buckle's founding partners.